Inspirational Search - 6th Oct '09

After being set the brief today, any spare moment I've been pondering as to which direction to take my ideas.

Fashion photography to me is relatively new, but its always something I've wanted to attempt. It goes hand in hand with band photography, where shoots are planned and set up to a specific criteria from the client.

For my ideas to come into fruition I really need to spend a fair amount of time researching current and past successful photographers. A starting point for this is to get into shoes of the audience for such things. Magazines like Bazaar, vogue, ID etc are all good points of reference.

A brief scan over some fashion blogs has landed me with names such as: Sarah Moon, Bob Carlos Clarke, Duane Michals whome are world renouned fashion photographers from past eras. It seems their work acts as inspiration for current photographers.

Names such as: Alan Gelati, Benny Horne & Paolo Roversi are all people I'd like to look at more.

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