Group Meet-up 13th November '09

Today we met up as a group as part of our self directed study week. We've come to the conclusion that rather than talking about our ideas we actually need to see some action. Without this feedback we have nothing to support our manifesto.

Last weeks presentation led to a debate about society would not feel comfortable being approached in the street, often due to a sense of distrust.

There's a man in Santa Cruz, Calif., Corey Mac-Donald, a clown, actually, known as "Mister Twister"--who was arrested last autumn for going around town and feeding change into peoples' parking meters so they wouldn't get tickets. The authorities warned him to stop. He didn't, and that was that. It turns out giving things away isn't so easy: it's viewed as a subversive act that undermines notions of property and value.

The flip side of this is, if you had permission and set up a stall/gazebo in the street and put a label saying 'Free Samples' you would be approached, maybe not in huge swarms but you would spur interest.

Our initial Idea was to leave postcards in places where people would find them, this has been done a lot, but because it has it must be successful. We created some post cards with jokes on them and placed them into popular books at the Margaret Street Library.

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