Rikrit Tiravanija - Research

While as a group we're looking to make people happy we couldn't do so without considering what other artists have done in the past. A person we've stumbled across is call Rikrit Tiravanija, Tiravanija is famous for work that sets the stage, to offer an opportunity or a possibility for interaction and participation. He does this by cooking a meal for people and encouraging social interaction.

To better understand hin here is his intention:
‘The situation is not about looking at art. It is about being in the space, participating to an activity. The nature of the visit has shifted to emphasize on the gallery as a space for social interaction. The transfer of such activities as cooking, eating or sleeping into the realm of the exhibition space put visitors into very intimate if unexpected contact; the displacement creates an acute awareness of the notion of public and private, the installations function like scientific experiments: the displacement becomes a tool and exposes the way scientific thought processes are constructed. The visitor becomes a participant in that experiment.’ (Tiravanija)


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