Concept Change

Well, things haven't really be going the way we wanted. The concept of making people happy is actually deep rooted with various other things such as distrust. The society that we live in today has a lot of uncertainty. We know this after Jess & Hannah conducted an experiment. Granted the experiment was done at the drop of a hat, but impulse is a great thing.

The experiment basically meant that the girls bought  a couple of bunches of flowers and attempted to give them away to people on the street, as you can imagine it wasn't greatly received. There was a little variation of responses though depending on the flower on offer, its surprising what buried deep in our sub conscious. I think its linked to value and the feel of getting some nice for free.

As well as the value of the flower there is also the signification. Because it was two girls that could of changed the results dramatically, if Dan & Tom had done it then it could of possibly created a totally different response. Roses given to people is often a signifier of love, so a male giving to a female stranger would more than likely scare people.

We've learned how surprising trust comes. We tried another experiment on campus where Faye purchased a pack of muffins and placed them in the canteen with a sign saying help yourself. If we'd of done this on the street no one would day eat them, this is where the sense of distrust comes in. You don't know where they've come from, whats in them. But for some odd reason, people felt safe to help themselves in the canteen.

For this reason we're currently in discussion as to how we can change our concept to reflect this, its no longer a case of making people 'Happy'

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