A Day of Negative energy, Now Positive!

Well, what started out as another day of having to drag our sorry selves to campus for this 'collaboration thing' has actually turned out well. We arranged to have a meeting with Mona as stated in the previous blog post. It was arranged for one o'clock but Mona was other wise engaged at the time, she finally arrived by around 1:30 but during this half hour we'd had a rather heated debate about why the group wasn't working. This seemed to get things going as when Mona arrived she noticed a new lease of energy in the group.

She sat there and listened to us before suggesting and idea, the idea was to analyse ourselves rather than other people. She loved how certain people reacted to each other in the group and also mentioned body language and how that comes across to other people.

She has got an interesting point, which lead us to arrange a collaboration meet consisting of creating a Christmas meal. We arranged this to take place shortly after the meeting so it was arranged for the following Monday. To better understand us, we set up two cameras in the room where we were 'socialising.' Obviously the socialising was part of the experimentation. Straight away we noticed that after a few minutes people had lost their inhibitions and were not being careful what they were saying regardless of the two cameras recording our every word. We got hours of footage so we've now got to create a 'highlight' real of the night, and carefully edit audio as to not upset anyone.


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