A Notable Lecture - 5th March ‘10

Well today has proved inspiring, after being blessed with a visit from several industry creatives I now have a slightly clear idea of my own targets.

I'll take the time to mention them all as they all had valid comments that I took notice of. They were the following, All names have a url embedded so do take the time to visit their sites simply by clicking their names.

Timm Sonnenschein
Kate Beatty
Jo Gane
Louise Haywood - Schieffer
Alisdair Cusick
Lorentz Gullachsen

It seems several of these people are in fact alumni of BCU (UCE) when they graduated which is inspiring and warming to know.

Louise was extremely interesting to listen to because she seems to of gone the route I'm interested. Shes had a keen interest in both fashion and music (band) photography and her work is extremely inspiring.

Lorentz had the experience of a seasoned pro with an impress portfolio of big brands under his belt, he showed us his journey through his career which started back in the 70's which was extremely impressive.

Jo showed us some work she had done using the wet plate collodion process, which was an impressive technique used to create a photograph. Here is one of my favorites of 21st century Birmingham. 
What a beautiful technique from the archives of photography techniques. Amazing.

Kate showed us her collection of long exposures showing the effects of artificial light on the landscape, I've always enjoyed long exposures so tempted to try this at some point.

All in all it was a fabulous lecture and I've taken a lot away with me.

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