Start of something big...

Oh my, an idea that I conceived is actually starting to get quite big and could potentially reap reward. I'm a fan of fashion photography and music/band photography. So I decided it would be a good idea to possibly combine the two, not in a way as to see bands wearing outrageous attire, more along the lines of posing bands in such a way as to create a body of work with continuity.

I'm hoping to exhibit work should I get enough to show which is why I want to feature local bands. This gives them the ability to gain extra coverage while I get coverage from exhibiting work featuring them. I started writing a draft letter documenting what I was hoping to achieve. Using ties with music industry based students I have been able to start conducting a mailing list of bands that I would like to feature.

Its nice to say that the feedback so far has been great. I've actually got 6 bands/artists confirmed so far. They are the following:
The Benwahs
Dan Whitehouse
A Cold Night For…
The Rimes
Little girl Screaming

And the following
bands/artists interested:
Circle Circus

Ellis Wilde
It seems like interest is growing an awful lot which is quite exciting. Its proving to provide me with a great arsenal of bands to shoot and hopefully we can work together to create a beautiful selection of images showing Birmingham's Unsigned talent.

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