Professional Practice Lecture - 15th March ‘10

I've had a busy weekend so I've only now been able to comment on fridays lecture. We had guest lecturers Lara Ratnaraja & Steff Aquarone. Lara was from Business link west midlands and took time out to explain what her role is within the local creative industry.

It turns out there is an awful amount of support from freelancers and small businesses so its a good idea to bare Lara in mind should that be the direction my career goes. She offered some sound advice, I'd like to hear what she has to say again just at half speed as it was hard to keep up.

Next up was Steff, he was so inspiring to listen to a raised some excellent points, he was infact studying a degree in something not even related to the creative industry, but due to a passion for TV, he got involved with his universities TV network. This is where his career began.

He is extremely successful today, but this isn't without hard work and determination. He's had some slips and trips along the way, but hes a sterling example of what you can achieve if your motivated enough.

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