Oooh oh..

So its here, the fear.. The fear of unknown and uncertainty. My project is taking place, and hopefully the time and effort put in will hopefully pay off. I'm in a place of anxiousness right now as I'm unsure as to whether I should purchase a professional level DSLR. Its a case of if I do, how long will it be before I make my money back on it.

I suppose its the link between feeling confident enough about your work. I can't help but feel I've got the most out of my current 350D veteran and maybe its time to progress. There is of course no reason to get a 40D/50D as they're only a step up and still only have a half frame sensor.

If I take the plunge, I can see myself feeling guilty about my purchase if I don't get the work to get the use out of it...

This is just a ramble so if you've read it and understand my mindset let me know haha..


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