Me and My Camera 1st Nov'07

Well, just a bit of a chat about my new DLSR really. I've wanted a professional camera for years. I've always had a keep eye for photography even when I was younger, most of the family photo albums I was behind the lens taking the photo's.

Doing a foundation course last year at college gave me chance to play with a professional camera and get some really interesting shots. I was determined, that when funds were permitting I was going to get one. One came along at the right price and I snapped it up.

I was never really showed how to use the settings on a DSLR, so most of the photography on here (at the time of writing) was all experimentation.

Since moving down to Bournemouth, I've been able to explore and admire the scenery, the thought of going out purely just for photography excites me.

For me I hope this is the beginning of something beautiful. I hope that I can refine my technique to provide me and anyone that views my photography with a breathtaking photograph.

for reference here are some of the better photo's I've taken during my experimentation:


Please do leave comments on my photography, so I can learn from them.

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