Reflection 6th Nov '07

Not posted here for a few days, due to lack of things to document. Today was quite interesting, we had a tutorial and an introduction to a day project.

The representation from second year Visual Communication came in to discuss what we would like the BA in Visual Communication to be like, taking into account links with businesses, rather than with academics. Hopefully this will allow me to stay put for a 3rd year. I will have built a strong relationship with my tutors and they will know me, this will be an instant advantage. They will know me, my strengths & weaknesses etc.

The project was titled "Drawing with paper" It was based around the techniques that illustrators & graphic designers used before computer based design was available.

It gave me quite an insight, but also provided something unique and interesting. I feel its a lot easier to create an abstract piece of art using this method, purely because your actually using your hands and "getting stuck in."

I noticed during the day, there was so much various between peoples ideas. Using this kind of media leaves so much scope for the imagination.

Here is a scrapbook picture of my work in progress:

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