Reflection 7th Nov '07

Today, once again we were set a day project that was due for critique at the end of the day.

Our task we to create a type face using various kinds of tape. Be it electrical tape, duck tape, insulation tape, you name it we were allowed to use it.

Prior to this activity we had a mini briefing about the jargon of typography.

Here is a link we were given for reference to what various words or phrases mean:


We were given a handout with various jargon on and we had to define what they meant. We were asked to get into pairs, but not with people we usually associate with. It was to try and break down relationship groups. I feel this worked well as it helped each other gain confidence and also helped to share ideas.

After the pairing we congregated together as a group and discussed the various jargon to double check we all understood what they all meant. This was all appropriate to the project we were set at the start of the day.

After we had concluded the discussion we were allowed to break for some lunch. Upon returning we were paired up into threes. Once again we were split from our regular friendship groups. I enjoy group work who ever I work with so I was looking forward to getting stuck into the brief.

My group agreed on something straight away and set to work generating ideas. We decided to base our font around the legend that is "James Brown."

We looked at various images on google search and also played some of his videos on you tube. It was then time to get to work.

Here's some action shots of us with our creativity flowing:

Unfortunately I haven't got the finished product to hand to give an idea of we came up with. But the 'O' was a silhouette of James Brown's face and the rest of the font was very 70's / 80's

In summary, I enjoyed this project. Should I have had more time I would of taken a little more time over presentation and possibly do it on a larger scale. Apart from that I think we did really well.


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